The Church of St Cuthbert Dufton Cumbria

The 'living' of the parish of Dufton was in the 'keeping' of the Crown and there are records in the Rolls of Appointments to that 'living' in 1323.  Then in a will of the Rector of Dufton, proved 6th November, 1366, the names Andrew and Adam de Dufton appear.

In 1390 King Robert III of Scotland refused an offered truce from Henry IV, House of Lancaster.  Henry IV was also at war with the Welsh and entrusted the Scottish war to Hotspur, Earl of Northumberland, the head of the Percy family.  Hotspur rebelled after defeating Robert III in 1406.  Henry IV defeated and killed Hotspur at Bramham Moor, near Leeds, in 1408.  After the campaign against Hotspur, Henry IV gave Land and Arms (or Crest) to a Christopher Dufton. The only other Dufton found in English History is a William Dufton who on 2nd February, 1461 died in the Battle of Mortimer's Cross while fighting with Henry IV, who later was defeated by the House of York (The Wars of the Roses).